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To whoever may get this message, Hi, my name is Lilly. I, myself was a cancer patient with AML aka Acute Myeloid Leukimia. I was diagnosed in 2016 while still in grade 5. I am now in grade 8 and I am doing fantastically. I know how hard it may […]

Lilly, Brisbane

Hey, my name is Jaymie my mum went through the same thing you are just know that you are not alone. There are lots of people that may support you❤️ I hope that you appreciate my “letter” I may not know who you are but really hope that read this […]

Jaymie, Ipswich

Love is the answer think positive thoughts Karma exists and the power of your intention will heal you love is the currency of your soul and experiences are your wealth I wish you all health wealth and happiness ❤️ Shahbaaz, Cooorparoo Share on Facebook

Shahbaaz, Cooorparoo

I hope this message give you hope to keep fighting. I could never even begin to believe the hardships you have went through, but I pray and hope that you will defeat this and live a wonderful life. Keep fighting and believing in your hopes and dreams! 💞 Taylor, Ipswich […]

Taylor, Ipswich