Koby Stacey

Koby Stacey, Blackwater

Diagnosis: Ganglionneuroblastoma
Age: 12 months old

2 days worth of clothes,

A car seat, a pram,

And a life-shattering diagnosis

Prior to Koby’s diagnosis, life was exciting. We were first-time parents navigating our way through parenthood. Koby was always a happy baby, but from approximately 6-7 months old his weight gain was decreasing slowly. His sleep was constantly disrupted and he never slept for long periods of time. We were referred for a sleep study test and chest X-rays in the nearest city, which was 250km away.

We didn’t know at the time, but leaving for these tests would be the last time we would be home for four months, as we were flown straight to Brisbane.

The first week we arrived in Brisbane was a whirlwind of confusion and fear. To be told your child has cancer is an absolute life-shattering moment, a nightmare you never think will come true. You sit looking at your innocent, happy baby, knowing that they are about to fight a battle that no one, let alone a child, should ever have to face.

After finding out from Doctors that our little boy Koby had a lump on his spine, we were flown 1,000km to Brisbane. We arrived with no more than 2 days’ worth of clothes, a car seat and a pram. We had our whole world turned upside down. Luckily for us, on our first visit to hospital we met staff from Childhood Cancer Support, who offered us support and accommodation.

Koby was diagnosed with Ganglioneuroblastoma, and a week later he started treatment.

Koby Stacey Childhood Cancer Support
Koby Stacey Childhood Cancer Support
Koby with mum Kylie Childhood Cancer Support

What people don’t often realise is that public transportation isn’t the safest option and parking is very expensive at the hospital. The transport service offered by Childhood Cancer Support alleviates all these concerns.

The family style accommodation was a saving grace through our journey. Koby was able to live a normal life while not in hospital. It became our home away from home as we were able to cook our own meals and there was plenty of room for Koby to play.

I knew while we were there how much help they provided us, yet it wasn’t until I returned home that I truly appreciated how much Childhood Cancer Support went above and beyond to help our family.

Thankfully, Koby is doing really well and has a bright future.

Koby has this year started prep and loves it. He loves riding his motorbike, playing golf and watching football on TV with Dad. He is such a caring and kind-hearted boy and the best big brother.

I now am grateful for every single moment – the little milestones mean the world to me.

Koby is now 5 years old.

I watch Koby and my heart bursts with absolute pride.

I know personally that a donation to Childhood Cancer Support means the world to families facing cancer.

Please support them and bring joy to little boys like my Koby.

Kylie Stacey, mother of Koby.

Koby Stacey House Childhood Cancer Support